moXY Office Hours: Healthy Skin of Color with Dr. Chesahna

Dr. Kindred presented tips for healthy skin of color and answered numerous audience questions.

Dr. Kindred is a board-certified dermatologist, published research author, and national speaker who treats all patients and also has a niche in treating hair loss and ethnic skin. This passion was garnered from her residency and fellowship at Howard University. Dr. Kindred began her studies at the University of Southern California where she received her Bachelor’s of Science. She then relocated to Ohio, earning her MD/MBA at the University of Cincinnati. While currently practicing medicine in Maryland, she hosts workshops for hair stylists on the various forms of hair loss and scalp disease via Project H.A.I.R., an initiative created by her friend and colleague, Dr. Yolanda Lenzy. Locally, Dr. Kindred is heavily involved in community service, often organizing health fairs and working with local  churches.

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