About Us

We’re hard-working overachievers building legacies.  Though we share passions and values we have wide-ranging backgrounds.  This diversity strengthens us – individually and collectively.

We get it.  You’re a rock star.  You went to the big name schools.  Summa cum laude this. Top percentile that.  Your business is growing and you’re coming up on a big payday. Congrats. Really. That’s impressive stuff.  Done patting yourself on the back?  Good.  You’re here because you recognize that with success comes responsibility.  With more money, more influence, more connections comes more opportunities for you to miss out.  Yes, you will get things done.  You will certainly advance and progress. But, you’re here because you want to maximize.  Has 75% ever been acceptable to you?

You can catch up on news and celebrity gossip on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can see which B-school friends changed jobs or research career opportunities on LinkedIn.  And you can always turn to your fraternity, sorority or best friends to watch the game or partake in a glass of wine…or 3.

But, where do you go for serious adult conversations about building? Building wealth.  Building community. Building your social impact. Building your legacy. And wouldn’t it be nice to have those conversations with other successful professionals with similar passions and values?  In fact, if you are truly committed to building, having those conversations isn’t optional; it’s a necessity.

We want moXY to be that place for you.  A place to learn. To contribute. To grow…To build.